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Despite the high burden of atopic eczema, evidence-based clinical care and decision making is currently limited by the use of multiple unvalidated outcome measures.

One systematic review (Charman et al 2003) showed that only 27% of the 93 included trials used a published severity scale, with the remainder using modified versions of published scales or un-named scales with no data on validity or reliability. 

Another review showed that most named outcome measurements for eczema have not been tested sufficiently and do not perform adequately in terms of validity, reliability or ease of use (Schmitt et al 2007). 


In response to this situation, the HOME initiative was formed in 2008, to:

  • Facilitate an international, multi-disciplinary consensus on core outcome measures to be included in all eczema trials and clinical record keeping.
  • To identify other relevant issues for eczema outcomes research. 


HOME - Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema

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