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 The task of agreeing core outcomes for eczema trials began in 2008 with a Delphi exercise, and this was followed by a series of consensus meetings. Click on the links below for more details of each stage. 

  • 2008: a web-based Delphi exercise to identify a preliminary core set of outcome domains for clinical trials and clinical record keeping.
  • 2010: an initial meeting (HOME I) in Munich, 2010 to determine if there was sufficient interest to set up a formal HOME group. 
  • 2011: HOME II in Amsterdam, 2011 to agree the domains for inclusion in the core set as clinical signs, patient reported symptoms, quality of life and long term control.
  • 2013: HOME III in San Diego USA, 2013 where consensus was reached that the EASI would be recommended as the core outcome instrument for measuring the clinical signs of eczema.
  • 2015: HOME IV in Malmö, Sweden, 2015 where consensus was reached on POEM as the core outcome instrument for measuring patient-reported symptoms in eczema trials and progress was made on moving towards consensus on quality of life.



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