Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema
The University of Nottingham

Structure of HOME 


The membership of HOME currently stands at over 240. Members are from all over the world and represent all stakeholders; clinicians, nurses, patients, regulatory bodies, journal editors and the pharmaceutical industry. Anyone with an interest in outcome measures for eczema is welcome to join.

Working Groups

Working groups have been formed from within the membership of HOME to carry out research into outcome measures. Details of the working groups can be found here.

HOME Co-ordinator

Contact the project co-ordinator here

Executive Committee

  •  Christian Apfelbacher (Germany)  
  •  Jochen Schmitt (Germany)
  •  Eric Simpson (USA)
  •  Phyllis Spuls (The Netherlands)
  •  Kim Thomas (UK)
  •  Hywel Williams, Chair (UK)

Scientific Advisory Board

Maarten Boers, Carolyn Charman, Mary-Margaret Chren, Carsten Flohr, Uwe Geiler, Jon Hanifin, Elizabeth Hoff, Kam-Ium Ellis Hon, Kefei Kang, Sue Lewis-Jones, John Masenga, Dedee Murrell, Yukihiro Ohya, Amy Paller, Mira Pavlovic, Hidehisa Saeki, Jean-Francois Stalder, Roberto Takaoka, Stephan Weidinger, Gil Yosipovitch





HOME - Harmonising Outcome Measures for Eczema

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