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Clinical Practice Set

The aim of the clinical practice set is to provide a list of suitable instruments to measure health domains in clinical practice. Because there are different requirements for disease monitoring in practice compared to trials, unlike the core outcome set for trials there is no limit on the number of domains or instruments to measure each domain in the clinical practice set. 

The process for agreeing the clinical practice set generally follows the same as for trials i.e. identifying all instruments, then assessing their measurement properties and feasibility for use in clinical practice. All suitable instruments will be listed and clinicians can then choose their preferred instrument(s) to measure any particular domain.

In 2017, a survey was carried out of the HOME members to prioritise domains for the clinical practice set. The agreed top 5 domains which the group are focussing initial efforts on are:

  1. Patient reported symptoms
  2. Disease/flare control
  3. Patient global assessment
  4. Clinician reported signs (using a score)
  5. Eczema specific quality of life


Patient reported symptoms
(clinical practice)

The HOME VI meeting (Utrecht, The Netherlands, April 11th 2018) achieved consensus on instruments for assessing patient reported symptoms in clinical practice. 

Recommended instruments are:


  • Take <5-10 minutes to complete
  • Available in 22 languages
  • App available


  • Takes 1-2 minutes to complete
  • Available in 11 languages
  • App available

Numerical rating scale (NRS) was provisionally recommended as an instrument for measuring itch intensity, but awaits further definition and validation in patients with eczema



 Consensus Statement: Lesham et al. 2020

Disease/flare control

 Work ongoing

Patient global assessment

 Work ongoing

Clinician reported signs

 Work ongoing

Eczema specific quality of life

 Work ongoing



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