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Core Outcome Measures for eczema trials

 HOME IV discussion group

The four core outcome domains for eczema trials are:

  1. Clinician reported signs
  2. Patient reported symptoms,
  3. Quality of Life
  4. long term control

The core outcome measures for clinician-reported signs and patient-reported symptoms have been established and work is ongoing to identify suitable instruments for quality of life and long term control to complete the core outcome set. 

Remember all trials should include core outcome instruments but the inclusion of core outcomes does not preclude the use of any other outcomes, scales or instruments.


Clinician-reported Signs

EASI is the core outcome instrument for measuring clinician-reported signs in eczema trials.  

Publications relating to the recommendation of EASI can be found here.

Click here for guidance and resources for using EASI.

Patient-reported Symptoms

POEM is the core outcome instrument for measuring patient-reported symptoms in eczema trials.

Click here for guidance and resources for using POEM.

Quality of Life

Work is currently underway to inform consensus discussions for measuring quality of life in eczema trials.

Long term control

Work is underway to define long term control and inform consensus discussions at HOME V. 

Getting involved

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of HOME, or would like to join one of the working groups, please contact the HOME co-ordinator.

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