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HOME I Meeting, Munich, German - 2010

The first HOME meeting (HOME I) was an exploratory workshop to gauge whether there was sufficient interest and enthusiasm in the international scientific community to form a collaborative group to work towards core outcomes for future atopic eczema research.

The meeting was open to all participants of the 6th Georg Rajka Symposium International Symposium on Atopic Dermatitis New Trends in Allergy VII meeting in Munich, 22-24 July 2010.  Approximately 40 individuals attended.

The results of the Delphi exercise were presented and the resulting constructive group discussion identified several important issues for future eczema outcomes research including the degree to which patients and carers need to be involved and the importance of involving colleagues from countries not represented at the meeting.

There was strong interest from the academic eczema community to form an international multidisciplinary group dedicated to harmonizing outcomes research in eczema and the group decided to continue collaboratively with the HOME initiative.


Report from the first international consensus meeting (HOME I) 24 July 2010, Munich
Schmitt J, Apfelbacher C, Spuls PI, Thomas KS, Simpson EL, Furue M, Chalmers J, Williams HC.
Br J Dermatol 2010: 163; 1166-1168 (Abstract Link)


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